Lessons on Transcendental Meditation

Free lessons on transcendental meditation are available to anyone willing to research them. Transcendental meditation is a specific form of mantra meditation taught only by a teacher. The curriculum of transcendental meditation is one on one. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi developed transcendental meditation and TM was taught only at his Vedic Universities where the practice was costly.

Free lessons on transcendental meditation involve practice and devotion. This is true for any form of meditation. Transcendental meditation is used to reduce stress and anxiety. While this is a good reason to begin transcendental meditation, the true path of meditation is to become closer to the divine. Relinquishing ties to the physical earth through the form of transcendental meditation provides for pure alertness while the physical body is at rest.

The first entitlement of Transcendental meditation is to receive the personal mantra. This may be a word, sound or phrase that is assigned from the teacher to the student. This mantra is the vehicle by which the student begins their transcendental meditation practice.

The student will then learn proper breathing technique to prepare the body. The teacher will instruct the student on when to breathe, when to exhale and what to focus on. The student will use their mantra in this breathing practice.

These two preparatory steps will then let the student practice on their own. They are instructed to set the student in the right frame of mind. Practicing TM is similar to most yoga-based meditations. The student is instructed to sit comfortably. TM requires no official sitting technique, only that the student be comfortable and able to breath deeply in the pose they choose. The student closes their eyes, breathes deeply, and focuses on their breathing. Where TM deviates from the standard yoga meditation is while focusing on breathing they repeat their mantra. The mantra should flow fluidly from the mind to the centers of the body. Repeating the mantra should not be forced and the individual must not concentrate on repeating the mantra, but they should let the mantra become as involuntary as their breathing. While a focus on breathing is needed when the student begins meditation, the breathing becomes second nature and so should the mantra.

Transcendental meditation should be practiced twice daily, once in the morning before breakfast and once before the evening meal. These twenty-minute meditation sessions have two different purposes. The morning meditation will prepare the mind for the onslaught of stress that will occur during the day. The evening mediation will defuse the stresses experienced during the day and make for an enjoyable evening and sleep experience during the night.

The state of enlightenment or ultimate consciousness is the goal of Transcendental meditation. The formal course may be taught for seven days at a Transcendental Meditation University or it may be learned from a free course found on the Internet. How an individual arrives at the state of purified consciousness is a personal choice, they may spend thousands of dollars or they may spend only time, but no matter where the practice is learned, the results will be the same.

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