Psychic Aura Colours

Aura colors are a visual representation of an individual’s spiritual barometer by the spectrum of color. The psychic aura surrounds the individual in a type of bubble. The electromagnetic forces of the spectrum constitute the auric light, with violet being the lowest emitter and red with the highest frequency. The psychic aura is a blend of colors and not a pure form of any one color.

Violet – Positive traits: intuitive, spiritually advanced, wise, imaginative. Negative traits: detached, aloof, snobbish, loner.

Blue – Positive traits: calm, dependable, communicative, organized. Negative traits: inflexible, narrow-minded, depressed, common.

Green – Positive traits: approachable, healer, nurturing, peace loving. Negative traits: jealous, unbalanced, insecure, envious.

Yellow – Positive traits: intellectual, unbiased, happy, optimistic. Negative traits: nervous, flighty, insensitive, naive.

Orange – Positive traits: sensual, physically appealing, creative, expressive. Negative traits: immoral, illogical, procrastinator, irresponsible.

Red – Positive traits: energetic, focused, driven, leader. Negative traits: angry, egotistical, authoritarian, controlling.

The following lists of colors are not included in the electromagnetic spectrum of light. The significance of these psychic aura colors is that they are defined as mutations of color. Their influence on the aura is inharmonious with the light spectrum. The natural state of balance for the aura is to be as consistent with the light spectrum as possible.

Pink – Positive traits: accepting, compassionate, empathetic, great listener. Negative traits; submissiveness, victimization, martyr, indecisiveness

Gold – Positive traits: honorable, balanced, respectful, advanced spirit, Negative traits: rebellious, impatient, shifty, dogmatic.

Brown, Gray, Dark Yellow – Positive traits: physically grounded, stoic, practical. Negative traits: physical illness, physical weakness, physical limitation of some kind.

Black and white are not psychic aura colors; technically, they are not colors at all. Black is defined as the absence of light. White is a vibration not registered in the spectrum. Their presence either sends the aura to color or the person ceases to exist on the physical plane.

Black – A person with a black aura is someone closed off from the spectrum and will either heal or die. They experience deadness spiritually, lack of hope, loss of will. The black aura reflects an individual that is self-destructing from the inside out.

White – The presence of the white aura is commonly thought of as someone pure, holy, closer to god. The basic definition of a white aura is of an individual that is no longer attached to physical boundaries. A white aura also includes individuals that are drug addicted or mentally deranged. When someone is about to die, his or her aura becomes white. The importance of the color white is that the individual is no longer tied to the strictures of the other colors of the spectrum.

Aura colors should be interpreted as a sum of the entire individual. The predominance of one color in the aura is the dominant force in the individual’s life at that moment. When people change their intentions, their aura changes. To understand the meaning of aura’s is to know that people are more than the sum of the colors that define them.

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